REVIEW: Pure Suds Rosemary Gentle Hair Cleanser

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hello beauties!! After replacing my skincare stash with natural and chemical free products, I was on a lookout for natural and chemical free hair products. After much searching I did come across a handful number of brands that made such products. But my excitement level soar when I found that one of my favourite natural and handmade bath and body brand is coming out with shampoo. After our numerous WhatsApp chats, Mrs Bhavana, the founder of the brand very generously sent me a sample of the newly launched Rosemary Gentle Hair Cleanser. Let's see how the cleanser fared for me:

About the product:

Do you suffer from itchy, dry, oily, and dandruff prone scalp? When you leave your hair open do your cheeks feel red due to the sensitivity of silicone in your hair products? Is your neck and back itchy and develops acne?

We face many problems due to our hair and scalp. Many suffer from acne on the forehead and back because of dandruff and oily scalp.

My solution for this is a good shampoo that not only gently cleans our scalp but reduces dandruff, itch, flakiness and oilyness. Harsh surfactants, silicones and many other unnatural chemicals create these problems without us even knowing what really caused it in the first place.

Our blend of glucosides (Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside) is a extremely mild and gentle surfactant blend which can also be used on kids. These replace the harsh sulphates and betaines giving our scalp and hair the nourishment it deserves.

Extracts such as bhringraj, avocado and arnica is an added benefit that helps prevent early greying, dandruff and help reduce hairfall with regular use.

Silk and Argan oil provide shine and sheen to the hair while pro vitamin b5 helps thicken and make our hair look nice and fluffy.

Follow this up with our conditioner for a lovely shine and hair conditioning.

Price: INR 300 for 170 gm
Shelf Life: 8 months from the date of manufacturing
Available: Here
Ingredients: Decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, coco glucoside, water, bhringraj extract, arnica extract, avocado extract, hydrolized silk, pro vitamin b5, Rosemary essential oil, preservative(phenoxyethanol), guarsilk(light conditioner and hair softener) and cetrimonium chloride(det angler), carbomer(thickener gel maker), citric acid(ph balancer)

My Experience:

During winters my scalp and length both get quite dry and I desperately need something that would provide relief and hydration to my hair. I'm very particular about the hair products I use and I wouldn't put anything on my hair until and unless I am sure about the ingredients. The shampoo that I am going to use today is natural and devoid of harsh chemicals. It does have a mild and gentle surfactant which is safe when compared to hair cleansers loaded with Parabens, SLS & SLES etc.

The shampoo is called Rosemary Gentle Hair Cleanser which comes in a plastic pump dispenser bottle. The shampoo is originally thick in consistency but I was sent the sample pack hence the consistency is runny and the labels are not there. The final product which was launched will be thick in consistency and bear labels so do not worry. The shampoo is golden brown in colour and smells heavily of rosemary. The bottle is slightly on the bulkier side hence it is not travel friendly. I am glad the bottle has a pump dispenser which gives me control over the amount of product I want. I used the cleanser to wash my hair twice a week. I made sure I diluted the cleanser before using which ensured less usage of the product. However in the beginning when I had started using the cleanser my hair took time to adapt. I mean I was already using a natural and chemical free cleanser but still my hair took time to adapt to this cleanser. Despite the fact that the cleanser cleaned my scalp really well but it left my lengths dry which had to followed up with a conditioner. But after 5-6 uses my hair adapted well to cleanser and the post usage dryness that I experienced reduced considerably however that didn't stop me from following it up with a conditioner because it's a habit and I cannot help it, oh well. The cleanser produces very mild lather and doesn't have a strong smell making it perfect for beauties with sensitive noses. One thing that must be noted is that the cleanser is very mild therefore it may not remove the oil completely. I never washed my oiled hair with it so I wouldn't know.

I air dry my hair and after drying I even noticed a slight increase in the volume of my hair which was super impressive and not only that my hair was soft too, I could not stop touching it lol. As the name suggests the main ingredient of the shampoo is rosemary which is known to stimulate hair growth, increase scalp circulation, revitalizes hair, removes product/cal build up to leave your hair shiny and soft.

Overall, Pure Suds Rosemary Gentle Hair Cleanser is a decent cleanser which cleans the scalp effectively, makes hair soft, is super gentle on the scalp/hair and increases volume too without overly drying the hair.


  • Natural, handmade and cruelty free.
  • Free of Parabens, SLS and SLES.
  • Super gentle on the hair/scalp.
  • Contains goodness of rosemary.
  • Cost effective - very little quantity is required.
  • Increases volume to an extent.
  • Makes hair soft.


  • Availability.
  • Might make the hair dry.
Will I recommend: Yes!

The brand is soon going to launch lime hair cleanser and conditioner so keep an eye out on their page.

Until next time,


Disclosure: This product is a sample and the views and opinions expressed hereby are strictly unbiased, based on my personal experience. 

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