HAUL: Deepika's Picks From Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hi lovelies!! I'm back with a haul post. I stumbled upon this brand called Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals' franchisee on my way to the doctor's, I completely forgot about it, but as luck would have it I had the opportunity of visiting the boutique which is selling Kulsum's Kaya Kalp's Herbals products. On a whim I purchased two products and here's a detailed breakdown of the same:

Cocoa Butter Body Lotion: INR 120 for 80 ml
I have started using this product so expect a detailed review very soon!

Green Apple Shampoo: INR 165 for 100 ml

So that was my sweet and small haul. I got a flat discount of 10% on final total as I share a good rapport with the boutique owners' and they were kind enough to give me a discount. :) Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals makes a lot of skincare & hair care products which are natural and cruelty free. These products can be purchased online too from here.

Now that winters are round the corner, The Brown Muses are in the process of replacing our summer/monsoon skincare products with winter skincare products and we would love to know whether y'all have started doing that too! Do share your haul pics with us. 

Until next time, 

Disclosure: These products are my own purchase and the views and opinions expressed hereby are strictly unbiased, based on my personal experience. 

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