REVIEW: Active Plant Herbals Fairness Cream by Nature Charms

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Active Plant Herbals Cream by Nature Charms
If there is one skincare product that we all look for while prepping for winters, it has to be a moisturising cream. Due to my growing interest in the natural skincare product since last two years, I was on a look out for a natural moisturising cream for my face when I stumbled upon Active Plant Herbals Fairness Cream by Nature Charms, which has to be my first product review for the ongoing winter season. So, grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up the pillow, and read on to know if it worked for me or not.

About the Brand:

The brainchild of Ms. Ayesha Humayun, ‘Nature Charms’ is a natural skin and hair care brand. You can find out more about the brand by checking out the brand story posted earlier on the blog.

Brand Claims about the Product:

“Nature Charms Active Herbals Fairness cream formulated with Indian madder, lupin seeds, goat milk and other ingredients is a unique skin lightening formula that gives you smoother, brighter skin by lessening dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring. It lightens freckles, hyper-pigmentation or age spots. The unmatched combination of herbs evens out skin tone while a refreshing, energising, and moisturising it. It also tightens pores, refines skin texture, stimulates circulation, and makes the skin luminous by boosting fairer complexion, enhancing the glow and clearing dark spots.

Indian madder is one of the most popular herbs in skin care. It is a potent herb that improves overall skin health tremendously.”

My Thoughts:

Whenever I choose a handmade product for myself, the first thing that I look at is the principle ingredient used in the making of the product. In this case, too, it was not the “fairness” label (that none of us endorses by the way), but Indian madder as the star ingredient of the product that tempted me into picking up this product. Indian madder, which is a rare herb that is known to be beneficial for treating acne, eczema, and pigmentation while the lupin seeds boost collagen production. However, the “fairness” claim in the label ‘Active Plant Herbals Fairness Cream by Nature Charms’ alludes to goat milk, being the other main ingredient, which has skin brightening properties so it seemed like a safe fix for my uneven skin tone. Goat milk is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, and lactic acid as well as AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. I love how my skin feels deeply moisturised and soft every morning after using this cream. 

Active Plants Herbals Cream by Nature Charms
Now coming towards the packaging of the product, I think that it was quite thoughtful of Ms. Ayesha to wrap this handmade product in a beautifully handcrafted net pouch. As far as the packaging of the product goes, it comes in a simple, white plastic jar with the brand’s label on top. When I opened the jar, I found the fragrance of the cream to be reminiscent of goat milk tea I had once sipped on a girls’ trip to Bahawalpur at her haweli. With goat milk being one of the main ingredients of the cream and the product itself being free of any artificial fragrance but of goat milk, I instantly dispelled my doubts about its purity (even if there were any). I started using the Nature Charms cream a couple of months ago and I must say that it suits my dry skin quite well. A little amount goes a long way. Since it is free from any harmful preservatives (except 1 % FDA approved, food grade preservative) and stabilisers, the consistency and stability of the cream is slightly different from the commercial ones. It is runny in summers unless it is kept under 25 degrees temperature. However, if kept in the refrigerator, it hardens to a normal consistency.

Coming towards how I use it, I just take out a pea-sized amount (which is enough for face and neck) and rub it between my palms, makes it melt, giving it the perfect, creamy consistency. I apply it on my face and neck by rubbing it gently in circular motion until it gets absorbed. As far as the shelf life of the product is concerned, it is two months but it can be prolonged up to four months by keeping it in a refrigerator. The cream also contains lemon, which is known to be a natural skin-bleaching ingredient due to its skin brightening properties, but is photosensitive (sensitive to light), so it is not advisable to use the cream during the day if you intend to go outdoors. I make it a point to use it as a day cream only on the days my skin is not going to be exposed to the sunlight and even if I have already, I cleanse and wash the skin properly before heading out. However, I have been using it regularly as a night cream. Regular use of the cream at night has not only lightened the dark patches and pigmentation marks on my skin but also imparted a healthy glow to the face.

Overall, the product lives up to its claims so I’m a happy puppy with a cuppa coffee and the cream slathered on my face!

Final Verdict:

While winters, the goat milk, being one of the most dominant and active ingredients, makes it the best bet for my drier-than-Sahara skin, especially in winters and to know that it is . The brand has recently introduced a lighter formula, so even I’d suggest you all to give it a go, even if you have combination skin.

General Tips for Storage & Use:
  •  Since the product is devoid of artificial preservatives (thankfully), it is advised store it in a refrigerator to increase its longevity up to four months and even more.
  • Avoid using the cream during the day time, especially if you’re heading out in the sun because lemon is one of its active ingredients, which is photosensitive, and can thus cause tanning.
  • Even though it contains a mild preservative, I would still recommend using a clean and dry fingers/wee spoon to scoop out the product.
  •     Handmade with love.
  •    Customised, according to the skin type.
  •    A fresh batch is prepared for every order.         
  •  Free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates.
  •  Contains 1 % FDA approved food grade preservative.
  •  Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, such as Indian Madder, Lupin Seeds,          Goat Milk and Lemon.
  • If used regularly, it imparts a healthy glow to the skin.
  • Evens out the skin tone to some extent.
  • Some people may find it a bit pricey; however, I feel it is quite reasonable considering the quantity and the completely natural ingredients of the product, so it’s not a con for me.

 Price & Availability:

The Active Plant Herbals Fairness Cream by Nature Charms is priced at PKR 1500 weighs 3 Oz. and can be purchased online from the brand’s official facebook page HERE.

Tried any of the natural skin and hair care products by Nature Charms? Get set and share your experience and feedback about the post in the comments’ section below.



Disclosure: The product is a PR sample and the views and opinions expressed hereby are strictly unbiased, based on my personal experience. 

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  1. Just came across your blog.. I must say you are doing a good job of reviewing natural products available in india and also products sourced from india which we don't find on other blogs.. Nice review very helpful..