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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Credit: Nature's Destiny FB Page
There's a different sort of joy in buying something that is handmade, because, when you buy handmade you are buying a tiny bit of somebody's love, soul, happiness and hard work. And, we at The Brown Muses, love it even more when it's a woman entrepreneur (yeah, we are a little biased!) at the helm of affairs.

In today's blog post, we have Mrs. Aishwarya Ravi of Nature's Destiny, a talented soaper from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She handcrafts cold processed soaps, beard balms, lip balms etc. using pure and natural ingredients. Her products are 100% chemical and preservative free. Mrs. Ravi was kind of enough to take some time out from her busy schedule for us and answer some of the questions that we asked her.

Read on to know about her brand, her vision for the brand, her top products and more!

Q: You have a unique brand name. How was the name 'Nature's Destiny' conceived, and what inspired you to come up with a brand of your own?

A: In the search of chemical free, all natural products for my little one, I stumbled upon handmade soaps. I found much joy and peace in using such products and realised eventually that I enjoyed and felt passionate about not just using but also making them for other people out there.

It almost felt like destiny that I would find my calling in something that I felt so strongly about. And that is how Nature’s Destiny was conceived, an amalgamation of my belief in natural products and my destiny to work in this field.

Q: How would you state your brand's philosophy in a few words?

A: Organic or natural products should not be considered as items of luxury. They are a part of my everyday life and when I can use it, I believe everyone else can and deserves to use it too.

Q: Why should people be using natural/organic beauty products as opposed to "other" commercial products?

A: Because you should think a million times before you expose your body to harsh and unforgiving chemicals. There is a reason these products are called natural and organic. They are not made in a lab with beakers or test tubes but from items sourced from the ground, and they are pure, safe and worth the investment you are making.

Q: What should people bear in mind while buying natural/organic products?

A: There are a lot of people in the market who offer natural and organic products. Please make it a point to talk to them before you buy from them. I am sure all of them are more than willing to help you select something that would work out the best for you.

Also, never buy products in bulk. Buy multiple products in small quantities, see what works the best for you and then invest in them. Do keep in mind, for any product to work, you need to give it time. Loyalty to the product is a very important part of the process of becoming all natural.

Lastly, like the saying goes, "when you buy handmade products you are encouraging someone to live their passion". So go out there and be your awesome self and help someone out!

Q: Why do you think people are steering towards green beauty products these days?

A: Natural and handmade products have the transparency that no commercial products can offer. Family and friends are the ambassadors and not celebrities. People nowadays want natural products since they have realised that long term benefits are important and to match the fast paced lifestyle they are looking out for easy options, for instance, something in between time-consuming shikakai and luxury brand  shampoos, and brands like ND are here to provide that.

Q: What are your favourite ingredients to work with?

A: My favourite ingredient would be coconut oil. It is very versatile, gives visible results and is easily available. I use it in almost all the soaps. I think it's the best.

Q:  If you had to recommend your top 3 beauty products from your brand, which ones would they be?

 A: Let me pick one for each skin type:
  • Activated charcoal and clay soap for oily skin.
  • Milk and coconut milk soap for normal and dry skin.
  • And Bastille for sensitive skin and children.
Q:  Where do you see Nature's Destiny in next five years?

A: I have some ideas and action plans lined up to make ND a well known, recognised and liked brand. In 5 years from now, I think we will have established a wider base of loyal customers and will have a prominent place in the skin care products arena.


I love Carrot Soap and Castile Soap from the brand. My review for Castile Soap could be read HERE. Both the soaps are a great for dry skin so I would recommend getting these two soaps! Mrs Ravi also takes custom orders for specific skin concerns or gifting purposes. To get in touch with her, hop on the brand's Facebook store HERE.

If you enjoyed reading her interview, do share your feedback below. In order to read other interviews that we did with women entrepreneurs in the past, head straight HERE

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