REVIEW: Aura Crafts Raspberry Soap

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hello beauties! 

Sometime ago, the concept of moisturising and nourishing soap was limited to Dove, Pears and Nivea but as time progressed and people became more aware of the dangers of chemicals these "moisturising and nourishing" soaps contained. It has urged people to discover healthy and safer alternatives.

Today I will be talking about a soap that is truly handmade and free of nasty chemicals. The soap goes by the name of Raspberry Soap which comes from the house of Aura Crafts, a Pakistan based brand which began in 2010 as a project dedicated to promoting the natural and alternative way of living.

I used the Raspberry Soap for over a week before writing this review and I've not been disappointed. Aura Crafts Raspberry Soap is dull maroon in colour and smells predominantly of raspberries. But the smell is not strong and will not bother sensitive noses. The soap comes wrapped in a butter paper with a label bearing all the important details like product name, price, shelf life, ingredients etc. And before I move ahead with the review let's see what the brand has to say about the soap:

RASPBERRY SOAP BAR for combination skin //
Our handcrafted Raspberry Soap Bar protects skin from UV rays, repairs skin damage, and has anti-aging qualities that promote glowing, healthy skin!

The soap lathered mildly and cleansed my skin perfectly. I have dry body skin and despite the soap being suitable for combination skin it never stripped my skin off it's natural oils. In fact, my skin felt pampered and slightly moisturised. However, I cannot comment on brand's claim of the product but I can definitely say that the skin does appear healthy post bath because of the fact that the soap contains only natural ingredients and no chemicals at all hence making all their soaps safe for children too.


Things to love about Aura Crafts Raspberry Soap:
  • Handcrafted, natural and cruelty free.
  • Smells amazingly refreshing
  • Easily available in Pakistan
  • Cleanses the skin really well without dehydrating it.
  • Super gentle on the skin. Making it safe for children too.
  • Contains skin loving oils like castor oil, olive oil. 
  • Reasonably priced for a handmade soap bar.
  • Simple packaging.
Those were the good points, but alas, there were some downers too:
  • Soaps are not available in India.
  • The soap melted crazily fast despite me making sure the soap is dried between uses and I also cut it into two halves. 
Price and Availability: The soap is priced at PKR 300 for a 95 gm bar. The soap is widely available across Pakistan through offline and online channels. For more information regarding Aura Crafts this and other products kindly visit the link

Till next time,


Disclosure: The product was purchased and sent to me by my friend in Pakistan and my review is honest and unbiased. 

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