PEP TALK: Challenge Your Perspective

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Neglected? Ignored? Lost in the Oblivion? I hope not.

We all neglect some things (and people) to the point of ignoring them (whether consciously or unconsciously) because of being caught up with other (apparently) more important things in life such as deadlines to meet, chores to do, goals to achieve, and what not. But as they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way. It may sound easier said than done but we can at least try taking out time for those who matter before we lose them and things that would remain unattended otherwise before they become out of our reach. Makeup getting expired, book pages going yellow-errr and people becoming distant.

There are many books lying in my stash that I purchased impulsively but never got to read. Same goes for makeup products and shoes. Most importantly, many people I have not been in touch over the past four years.

Reasons I give myself: I will read it when I have enough time. I am caught up with work, studies and “other” things.  Many people I have not talked to only because I felt we do not have common interests, we do not have time for each other or “oh, we were never close friends, anyway!”  No wonder I am often labeled as “a mean person who never takes relationships seriously and forgets old friends when she makes new ones.” (things you’d always get to hear about yourself if you are a social person).

Truth is, I never forgot any of them. Not only the ones I used to be very close to. Not even those just-a-classmate types, but never bothered to talk to them again after graduation because (read: aforementioned reasons). Same goes for the last pair heels I purchased. I’d lay my hands on it every other day before moving onto the flats because they would be more comfortable and let me get through the day with more ease.

But we should step out of the comfort zone, sometimes. Shouldn’t we? I used to talk to such friends and peers once in awhile often and it would mostly be like nothing has changed between us, which would really give me those “feel good” feelings. Did so today as well and her “good to hear from you” actually gave those “warm” feels.

Don’t you feel you are missing out on great conversations by not talking to these people, unique thoughts and perspectives by not reading that book, and those lipsticks.. well, even if you got those on a whim, you should wear them more often until you feel comfortable wearing those colours or learn to carry them. Why set the boundaries where they are not even needed? Come out of your comfort zone and get some action on today. Try calling one such friend or using the fuschia lipstick lying in your makeup stash before it expires (as in my case) or the book you never got the friggin “time” to read (Pictured above) or the heels you have not worn even once (though you fell for them like you fall for Ranbir Kapoor every time. Lulz).

               Don’t forget to share how it made you feel in the comments’ section below. 

Happy Sunday night! :) 

Till next time,

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