HAUL: Medicated Products feat. Stiefel, Coris, Aichun Beauty & More

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Medicated Products Haul feat. Stiefel, Coris, Aichun Beauty& More
Hello, peeps! Before my new found love, that is, green beauty products, I was facing many skin problems – pigmentation, and acne (but on dry skin). My doc sis-in-law suggested me to try some medicated products which she swears by.

Below are the details of the products that I got myself:

Firstly, I had to get myself a mild facial cleanser, so I got my hands on this Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser, the label of which says it’s for all skin types.

Stiefel Physiogel Cleanser(150 ml) - PKR 400
Next, being super annoyed by the pigmentation around my lips, I purchased a Stiefel Clariderm Clear on her recommendation, which claims to target pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Stiefel Clariderm Clear (30 grams) PKR 1220/-
I also got my hands on a sun block by Coris. It is a staple product of my sis-in-law. We all struggle with the sebum produced by our facial skin in response to the hot and humid weather of Pakistan. “Spectrum SC Gel – Sebum Control Sunblock SPF 60” tempted me into buying this product. What else could I ask for? I also got my hands on the Real C plus crème as I wanted to try a new day/night crème with SPF. One with Vitamin C surely looked like a must-have.

L to R: Real C Cream with SPF 25 (70 grams) - PKR 450/-
Coris Spectrum SC Gel with SPF 60 (50 grams) - PKR 1000/- 
Being somebody with extremely dry hands no matter what, I decided to try a medicated hand crème. This papaya infused hand cream, along with another variant with cucumber, was suggested to me by the SA. Claims to treat frostbite too. Hmm.. Seems interesting, innit? I am already having thoughts about traveling to Northern areas now.

Aichun Beauty Hand Care Magical Cream (100 grams) - PKR 550/-

I purchased these products from Shaheen and D. Watson, Islamabad. They are easily available in the local pharmacies across the country.

Watch out this space to find whether these products turned out to be yay or nay for me. Till then, do NOT forget to participate in the mega giveaway by The Fashion Files by Wajiha HERE. We are one of the thirty-one sponsors so go ahead and follow the simple steps to win some really awesome goodies.


Disclosure: The products featured in this post are my own and the opinions expressed hereby are strictly unbiased, based on my personal experience. 

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