Who are we?

Friday, June 26, 2015

This is a tale of two friends that live across the border and have interestingly never met each other. The bond's so strong that despite many hardships and difficulties it could never be broken. The two bffs are known as Deepika, who is a journalism and mass communication graduate and Samra, who is an English Linguistics and Literature student and teacher. The point is, we are both South Asians with common interests in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, the brown muses as the name of the blog suggests. Deepika resides in India whereas Samra resides in Pakistan.

You would be wondering as to how do they know each other, how did they become friends? Well, Samra and Deepika connected to each other via a common online friend who is no longer a part of our lives. We first started talking to each other through orkut, eventually it was replaced facebook and whatsapp. As time progressed, they came closer since they both found solace in each other's company. They both felt they could confine into each other.

Why The Brown Muses?

Samra and Deepika share mutual love for skincare & hair care products, cosmetics, traveling, eating out, shopping etc and it occupied a major portion of our time and never-ending conversations. So, it dawned upon us as to why not share our whims and craze with the rest of the world. Hence, The Brown Muses was born.

More about our Blog:

This blog is one of its kind; managed by two Indian and Pakistani friends, it caters to trend alerts, shopping hauls and product reviews as well as food and travel diaries from both sides of the border.

 Stay connected to us for reviews on skincare and beauty products, latest trend alerts and restaurants (as we happen to be major foodies) and updates on our latest shopping hauls, cravings and musings.

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