IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Mehar Farhana of 'Amara Organix'

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hereby continuing with our In The Spotlight series, today we have the spotlight on Mrs Mehar Farhana who spearheads the brand Amara Organix.

Amara Organix is a Chennai, India based brand that handcrafts products for the skin, body and hair. The brand uses organic ingredients to limit the use of harmful chemicals that the commercial products are loaded with.

Q: What inspired you to come up with a brand of your own? 

A: Initially, I ventured into it as a hobby and started making handmade soaps. But, as I found that my soaps are really showing results and are helping with skin problems like acne etc., I delved more into the field, took classes in aromatherapy, essential oil blending and handmade soaps. Finally, my brand was born so that people would become familiar with the bad effects of lead and chemical based cosmetics and skincare and are benefited by natural products.

Q:  How would you state your brand's philosophy in a few words?

A: Safe beauty is naturally beautiful.

Q: Why should people be using natural/organic beauty products as opposed to "other" commercial products?

A: Commercial skincare and cosmetic products are laden with chemicals, sulphates, parabens and preservatives that are known carcinogenic agents. Even then people use them in order to look beautiful without understanding that they are actually killing their beauty in the longer run. Natural and organic beauty products can help us rejuvenate, revive, restore, heal and maintain our skin in a much better way than commercial agents and they are safe too. Hence, it is better to move on to natural beauty products, cosmetics, skincare and hair care as soon as possible.

Q: What should people should bear in mind while buying natural/organic products?

A: There might be a slight difference in commercial and natural products. Do not be put off by the rough texture or difference colour or the not so good fragrance etc. of natural products. Instead, try to appreciate their effects. Commercial products might look good, with great packaging, aroma and colour. But, in the longer run, they are bad for you. Also, please make it a practise to read the ingredient list. Avoid products with parabens, sulphates, preservatives, silicones etc.

 Q: Why do you think people are steering towards green beauty products these days?

A: Because people are able to see and feel the ill effects of chemicals and commercial products on their skin and health.

 Q: What are your favourite ingredients to work with?

A: I love using pure ingredients sourced from their natural origin. For e.g. shea, cocoa and avocado butters, Moroccan argan oil and Moroccan rhassoul clay, dead sea salt and dead sea mud, goat milk for soap, pure honey, aloevera extract, rare essential oils and red sandalwood extract.

Q: If you had to recommend your top 3 beauty products from your brand, which ones would they be?

A: Amara shampoos are amazing, Anti-Tan soaps are infallible, Shea butter products are to die for and how can I forget to mention my amazing facial powder.

Q: Where do you see Amara Organix in next five years?

A: More than financial gain or fame, I would love to see Amara being loved for its efficacy in delivering results and helping customers. Therefore, I would like to see Amara = Happy customers and safe beauty.

Deepika reviewed some products from the brand which you can see HERE and would be reviewing some of the products real soon so stay tuned. To place orders, please head over to brand's official Facebook store HERE.

My Recommendations: Body butter, moisturising night cream and peppermint foot cream.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are interviewee's own and the pictures were used after seeking permission from the brand.

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