Samra's Special Birthday Present from India ft. Ida Naturals

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello, peeps! I (Samra) have brought y’all a very special post featuring a present sent by one of The Brown Muses, Deepika to yours truly all the way from India. This package features arrived as an early birthday present, consisting of skincare products of the famous Indian brand, 
Ida Naturals – Crafted to Care.


Before you read on, I'd like y'all to know that this post is a testimony to the fact that true friendship knows no boundaries! *cheers* :P

About the Brand:

Ida Naturals, as the name suggests, is a brand, which deals with fervently handcrafted natural, paraben-free, skincare and haircare products. It is the pet-project Priya Iyer, a Bangalore based Indian lady. It also deals with a wide variety of handmade, natural bath and body products.

First Impressions:

I was overwhelmed by the efforts that Priya made to have the order placed by Deepika dispatched all the way to Pakistan. Thank you girls, for introducing me to Indian skin and haircare products!The package was packed to perfection, in spite of having gone through the grind of customs, the order came in a perfect condition. What made it more special was the personalized note from the brand owner, Priya herself, and Deepika too, of course! :) 

Coming back to the products, the soaps look like delicious piece of cake. They are actually handcrafted to perfection. True marvels of art, I must say!!! *No, I’m not exaggerating* To add a cherry on top, they have such a luxurious and overpowering (NOT in a negative way) fragrance that it would spread all over whenever I’d open the cabinet in which I place my skincare stash. The lip soother has a delicious coconut-y fragrance and comes in a cute, tiny jar, which says, “mini dabbi”, meaning small jar. The face mask looks equally promising. 

Special Gift feat. Ida Naturals - Crafted to Care

The products that I received can be seen below:

Lip Soother – Mini Dabbi
                    Natural Skin Glow Pack

Basil Turmeric Milk & Honey - Natural Handmade Soap
Irresistable Chocolate Orange Mousse - Natural Handmade Soap
Carrot Honey Butter - Natural Handmade Soap

The complete range of products and price details of these products can be seen on the brand’s official facebook page HERE

Good news for my Pakistani readers: She also offers international shipping facility to various countries, including Pakistan now.

 P.S. Most of the products are under use ever since, so keep your fingers crossed for further details on each of the products are coming up on the blog soon.

Which one of these products would y’all like me to review first? 
Disclosure: The products featured in this post were sent to me by a friend and the views and opinions expressed hereby are strictly unbiased, based on my personal experience. 

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